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What is a DPF Filter?

Diesel engines are powered by compression-ignition combustion, which produces a sooty byproduct in contrast to gasoline engines. If these invisible soot particles escape the car as untreated exhaust fumes, they could seriously harm human health and the environment. An older diesel vehicle’s signature smokey, black exhaust gases are a dead giveaway that a diesel particulate filter is at work, trapping this soot and any hazardous particles to keep them from being released into the sky.

How do DPF Filters Work

The inside of a DPF is typically constructed of a silicon carbide honeycomb with a high porosity. The porous walls of this catalytic honeycomb structure catch solid hazardous particles when unfiltered diesel exhaust fumes pass through the channels of the DPF, while still allowing the filtered gaseous components of the exhaust to escape as vapour.

While the vast majority of dangerous particles are kept from entering the atmosphere thanks to this mechanism, the soot itself builds up inside the filter as a “cake” layer. When the diesel particulate filter is full, an excess of this cake layer might result in blockages, which may result in breakdowns.


Is Your Diesel Motor in Limp Mode? We'll fix it

DPF Issues often cause vehicles to go into forced Limp Home Mode. Designed to prevent further damage to the system.

This Can sometime's be dangerous particularly on Motor Ways. Get Your DPF issue Sorted Immediately.


What is a DPF Filter?

Your DPF must be kept as clean as possible to avoid a blockage from happening. To do this, extra soot that has built up inside the filter must be burned at a temperature high enough to transform it into finer ash particles that can be ejected from the system. The term “regeneration” refers to this self-cleaning process. Exhaust system issues may arise if this procedure is halted and the DPF is unable to renew.

DPF Solutions at Urban Autohaus

Our diagnostic specialists at Urban Autohaus can identify your DPF problems and perform the necessary repairs. If your DPF warning light illuminates and is disregarded, symptoms including a loss of power, poor fuel efficiency, cooling fans operating more frequently than usual, and a malfunctioning automatic stop-start system in your car are frequently the next things to happen.