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Loud / Noisey Exhaust? We'll fix it

Since it is the part of the exhaust that is farthest from the engine and is most susceptible to be damaged by acidic moisture, the silencer is typically the component that requires care first. This is due to the fact that these components stay relatively cool, which allows exhaust gases to condense and create pools of corrosive acid inside the system. If your exhaust starts to make a loud roaring noise, you may have an issue with your silencer.

Hissing is another sound to keep an ear out for because it can be a sign of a gasket leak or a crack in the exhaust manifold or pipe. A clog in the exhaust system may be the cause of a chugging sound.

That may indicate a mismatched exhaust system if you hear shaking under the car. It usually indicates that something is touching the exhaust pipe or that a clamp, support bracket, or mounting is loose if you hear a loud metallic vibration. Your exhaust is held in place by brackets and hangers. They can add additional stress to the exhaust casing and result in premature exhaust failure if they corrode, break, or fall off completely. 

The best recommendation is to bring your car to Urban Autohaus in West Bromwich where our experienced exhaust specialists will be able to assess the issue and recommend a suitable fix if you notice any weird noises coming from your exhaust or have worries about the state of your exhaust system.